About us

Welcome to Bombay Bucket Biryani

We are a team of foodies who are passionate about Biryani and Mughlai dishes. Armed with knowledge of the true and traditional taste of biryanis from Hyderabad, Lucknow, Malabar and Mumbai, we have come to serve you the best flavors of biryani, India has to offer. We are passionate about serving authentic Hyderabadi and Awadhi Biryani and we do not compromise quality of our sought after biryani recipes by using short cuts or low quality ingredients.

Every delicacy created in our kitchen combines the authentic recipe from the royal kitchens of the Sultanates with a reassuring touch of our expert chefs. Each biryani is carefully prepared following a meticulous process and each step of the process is supervised by our trained staff. It takes about three hours to prepare just one biryani and so this kind of attention to detail is very crucial! Our famous potli masala used for infusing our biryanis, carries an array of exotic ingredients, from khas ki jadi (dried vetiver roots) and kabab cheeni (cassia buds) to pathar ke phool (lichen), dried rose petals, and sandalwood powder, besides the usual spices.

When dining at Bombay Bucket Biryani, you can choose from a wide range of our menu comprising various types of biryanis and mughlai dishes – from appetizers through desserts, at an affordable price.

Your craving for a Bombay Bucket Biryani has 3 solutions:

• Dine at our outlet
• Take-away
• Get it delivered at your doorstep

Our “Biryani in a Bucket” is a unique speciality and a crowd favourite, where our biryani is delivered in a sealed bucket with all its freshness locked. Our “Family Pack Bucket Biryani” is sufficient for 4 to 5 persons, and our “Standard Pack Bucket Biryani” is sufficient for 8 to 0 persons. Bucket biryani is a good concept for serving wholesome meal not only the entire family but also when you have many guests or when you are having a small celebration. Our delicious, aromatic biryani is served piping hot with salan, eggs, raita and chicken 65. This wholesome biryani pack is economical and is very popular with passionate biryani lovers.

Our Highlights:

• All our food is cooked in hygientic, state-of-art kitchen
• We use only branded double filtered sunfower oil and pure desi ghee
• We use only lean portions of meat and no fat
• We use only fresh meat, and no frozen meat
• We use only natural ingredients for flavoring. No MSG
• All our meat is Halal cut
• We do not use beef

Call for a reservations, drop by or simply order online. We look forward to serving you soon.